Listen to your skin

Dr Linda Skin Couch

The mind and the skin are closely linked. Research into this area continues so that we can understand better how our state of mind affects how our skin cells work.

At times we have all experienced how stress manifests itself visibly on our skin through skin problems such as breakouts, blocked pores etc - particularly at the time when we have an important event in our lives. However at its worst, stress can trigger psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, cold sores or hives. For some, these skin disorders can ultimately lead to a lack of confidence and have an impact on well- being.

In her clinics, Dr. Linda has treated patients with these types of skin problems for over 15 years. Through this and her own academic research, Dr. Linda has now also proven that stress is a key factor in prematurely ageing skin.

There are probably a number of factors contributing to stress in anyone's life, relationships, money worries, burning the candle at both ends in addition to sun, alcohol and smoking - all play a part. When your skin reflects these problems visibly, this could affect your self esteem which can in turn lead to further stress. 

Dr. Linda wants to help people break this cycle of stress to look and feel better. It's important to understand how stress affects your skin and particularly to notice the initial tell- tale signs - listen to your skin.

Dr. Linda says "Finding ways to help you cope with stress can have a positive effect on your skin ... remember happier skin is healthier skin"